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Former St. Paul's Elderly Housing building

11421 Dexter Ave.


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Developers Fabiola Fleuranvil and Gregory Jackson of Icon Heritage Partners and Jackson Land Holding Company plan to redevelop a former 138-unit former senior housing facility into affordable assisted living. The $20 million project, announced in early 2021, was given a 18-21 month timeline with plans calling for 138 senior units and on-site amenities like adult day care and a commercial kitchen with meal service. The project was set to be financed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits, tax exempt bond financing, HOME Funds and other subsidies, with units affordable at or below 60% median income and accepting Medicaid waivers and Section 8 housing vouchers. The building, formerly St. Paul's Elderly Housing, was vacant and proposed for demolition in 2018.

Sources: Michigan Chronicle, Icon Heritage Partners, City of Detroit

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The former St Paul's Elderly Housing building in 2021. Credit: City of Detroit, CC BY-SA license, via Mapillary

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