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Clement Kern Gardens

1601 Bagley St.


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American Community Developers Inc. is redeveloping Clement Kern Gardens, an affordable housing development of 87 townhomes built in 1985 on 7 acres of land in Corktown. Plans call to raze the current homes and rebuild, starting in 2023 at the earliest, with current tenants given the option to move back into their rebuilt home with continued affordable rates or to move into another Corktown property. The $80 million project will include 350 total units and is part of the city's larger plan to preserve affordable housing in Corktown, supported through a $30 million federal grant. ACD requested a rezoning of the property from PD, Planned Development District, to SD2, Special Development District, Mixed-use.

Sources: City of Detroit

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A cool cat.
A cool cat.
A cool cat.

Recent photo of Clement Kern Gardens housing. Credit: City of Detroit

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